Monday, 10 October 2011

Networked journalism gone mad or the future as the Guardian unveils its latest digital idea

The Guardian's leap from being into its all digital future continues unabatted with its announcement that it plans to make parts of the daily newslist available in a new blog and encourage readers to get in touch via Twitter to crowdsource which stories it should follow up.

Obviously says Dan Roberts announcing the move yesterday evening,

we're not planning to list all our exclusives or embargoed content and we'll also have to be careful not to say anything legally sensitive or unsubstantiated. Nonetheless, we think there are lots of routine things that we list every day which might provoke interesting responses from readers: everything from upcoming press conferences, to stories we need help uncovering. If readers can see that we've got a reporter looking into the police killing of someone with a Taser – to use a recent example – they might be able to direct us to other recent deaths or the definitive report on their safety risks

Some will say that this is the concept of networked journalism gone mad,others that it is the only way that journalism will survive in this ever connected world.

What this crowdsourcing exercise does is further blur the lines between the journalism profession and the general public,contributing further to the loss of value of content.

We have seen some bold moves by the Guardian in recent times,often it seems led by "digital journalists" who have no concept of the business model that they are unleashing.

It's a brave move and let's hope it isn't just another initiative that will get the plug pulled on it after a few months.


RickWaghorn said...

The bigger, bolder leap would to be empower Joe Public to have a peak into the world of the Guardian's commercial department and - maybe - a recognition from within the bowels of King's Place that they need as much help finding new sources of revenue from the great unwashed as they do about which direction a story should take...

Nigel Barlow said...

Agree totally Rick.

It worries me what drives this newspaper.

Yes be innovative with content but let's not lose site on what pays the bills.

It's by far the best paper in the UK for journalism but their business strategy worries the hell out of me