Friday, 23 September 2011

Obama's damp squib on Palestine

There is a great piece in this morning's Indy by one of,in my opinion anyway,the best authorities on the Middle East Robert Fisk.

His attack on Barack Obama's handling of the Palestinian request for nationhood is quite brilliant.

Here are a couple of passages

A Martian listening to this speech would think that the Palestinians were occupying Israel rather than the other way round. No mention of Israeli occupation, no mention of refugees, or the right of return or of the theft of Arab Palestinian land by the Israeli government against all international law. But plenty of laments for the besieged people of Israel, rockets fired at their houses, suicide bombs – Palestinian sins, of course, but no reference to the carnage of Gaza, the massive death toll of Palestinians – and even the historical persecution of the Jewish people and the Holocaust.

In fact he quotes another writer Yael Sternhell

"The limp, unimaginative speech that US President Barack Obama delivered at the United Nations... reflects how helpless the American President is in the face of Middle East realities,

As Palestine prepares to hand in its formal request for UN recognition in just a few hours when President Mahmoud Abbas will deliver his historic address to the UN,the past few days have shown just have divided the world is on this issue.

America,as is usual,is standing firmly behind Israel and will use the US veto to block the Palestinian move at the security council and has been working overtime to discourage the application.

Britain and Europe however seem slowly to be warming to the idea.Both David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy have made conciliatory comments and William Hague has been warned that Britain’s improved status in the Middle East could be compromised if Britain takes Israel’s side at the UN.

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