Friday, 23 September 2011

The many colours of Ed

It is behind the paywall but there is a brilliant piece in this morning's Times by Philip Collins.

Since he won the party leadership this time last year, writes Philip, Ed Miliband’s palette has been full of colour.

He came to the leadership as Green Ed,...but as soon as Mr Miliband had cleverly mobilised union votes to beat his brother he was christened Red Ed by his opponents, not all of whom were in the Labour Party

But the colours are changing again

Recently, there has been Blue Ed who is anxious about the lost institutions of the decent working class and the assault wreaked by capitalism on settled communities. Blue Ed wants to restore individual responsibility and contribution.

and for the present we now have purple?

Today Purple Ed has published the foreword to a book of that colour. The Purple Book contains many variations but one linking theme,that the previous Labour Government hoarded too much power.

and for the future

If an outline doesn’t emerge soon, he will end up with my son’s triceratops. Take a bit of green, a bit of red, a bit of blue, a bit of yellow and a bit of purple, mix them all up in a big splodge and what do you get? You get Brown.

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