Monday, 6 February 2012

TV Advertising-New Poll finds out what we find acceptable

Research out today from YouGov reveals that cosmetic surgery procedures, cigarettes, gambling, payday loans, abortion providers, prescription drugs and debt finance solutions should not be allowed to be advertised on television.

However it appears that the public believe that other potentially controversial subjects such as alcoholic drinks, political parties, fast food and laser surgery providers should be allowed to advertise in this way.

The research found that 79 per cent of Brits say that cigarettes shouldn't be allowed to be advertised on television Payday loans (75 per cent) gambling (73 per cent), personal injury lawyers (65 per cent) and cosmetic surgery providers (63 per cent) were almost as unpopular when it comes to TV advertising.

However the country seems split when it comes to whether alcoholic drinks should be allowed with just slightly more people would allow them (50 per cent) than disallow them (44 per cent).

The poll was conducted in light of the recent call from The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) that the advertising of cosmetic surgery procedures should be banned – prompting debate over what advertising content should be permissible on TV.

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