Monday, 6 February 2012

City Star Kompany finds the value of twitter

A tale from Manchester City's PR office here but a poignant reminder of how stars can use twitter to turn the spotlight on issues.

City Captain Vincent Kompany joined the social networking site last month to find that his 140 character exploits would also have a surprise impact on a group of brave Indonesian school children.

He tweeted with shock about the condition of a storm-destroyed bridge over the Ciberang River in Banten in the Indonesian region of Lebak, and how each day children risked their lives to cross the 200 meter structure to get to school.

Kompany’s tweet caused waves around the Twitter world, eventually being picked up by Indonesia television, resulting in Mulyadi Jayabaya, Head of the Lebak district closing the bridge and vowing to spend 85,000 EUR to build a new crossing. In the meantime, the Indonesian government is helping the children get to school with an organised ferry service using bamboo rafts.


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