Monday, 16 January 2012

Tory minister faces call for resignation after selling her house near to HS2

I doubt very much whether Cheryl Gillan's Chesham and Amersham constituents will be particularly pleased with the revelation that she sold her constituency home,situated a mere 500m from the planned line,just weeks before it was given the go-ahead.

Now facing calls to resign,the Cabinet minister will be remembered as one of the MP's who pledged to resign rather than support the £33billion rail line.

She did quite a U turn last week after Transport Minister Justine Greening announced that the train will rarely be seen in Amersham as it will disappear into a tunnel for much of its route through the leafy suburbs.

As the Bucks Free Press reports she told her constituents that she has done everything she can for her constituents over High Speed 2 on her website last week although it makes no mention of the House sale which the Daily Mail is reporting this morning that the two-bedroom home was sold to a developer and is available to let for £1,350 a month. Read more: .

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