Monday, 16 January 2012

Royal Yacht-Let's hope this is just blue Sky thinking

I sincerely hope that the rumblings of Education Secretary Michael Gove about buying the Queen a new yacht to celebrate this year's Jubilee is one of those right wing stories from the blue sky thinking of Steve Hilton

As with many of his ideas it will be tested on the public and then consigned to the waste paper bin.

If it isn't and the government believes that 60 million pounds is a good investment in the middle of austerity Britain then I worry.

Yes,we can all celebrate what will be a unique event,maybe never to be seen again in that our Queen has been on the throne for 60 years but even the most ardent royalist must surely  at the cost.

I do worry that Mr Cameron and the like seem to think that the Olympics and the Jubilee will somehow see us through what could be one of the worst years for the economy.

Oh and by the way I thought we were all in this together?

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