Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Iowa and your twitter stream-some thoughts

I have had a bit of twitter conversation with two colleagues this morning about how their twitter stream was filled with reports from the Iowa Caucuses overnight and this morning.

The conversation centred around how relevant is was at such an early stage and how we in the UK were going to have put up with 10 more months of it.

My reply was firstly that it was relevant even it this early stage as Iowa set the stalls up for the rest of the campaign.

They are not a great bunch of candidates but one could be the effective leader of the Western world in less than a year,so it is important

One candidate Rick Perry have effectively thrown the towel in,another Michele Bachmann seems doomed and Newt Gingrich,whilst pressing on to New Hampshire has been given a bloody nose.

Yes,let's put into perspective.Only 120,000 voters in one of the smallest states,yet it seems that Mitt Romney,the narrow winner,who is likely later today to get the endorsement of 2008 candidateSenator John McCain,has set his flag firmly in the ground.

Runner up Rick Santorum,who probably until now few have heard of has announced to the world that he has his sights firmly set on the White House and Ron Paul,who I am afraid makes me think of the alien Paul in last years hit Sci Fi movie will continue to battle.

But back to that twitter conversation.It might well be that we have to look at our twitter stream to decide whether to carry on following individuals who keep us up to date with every single sneeze that comes out of the campaign.

 We can to a certain extent do that with lists(I rarely unfollow people) but as I pointed out,it is no worse than when twitter gets taken over by people who you would regard as sensible,bleating about X factor,Dragon's Den and Masterchef.

hat,I am afraid is the social media world that we live in,but remember,if you don't like it, it's only a click away from leaving

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