Tuesday, 3 January 2012

All down to Iowa

After much huffing and puffing the Republican nominations for Presidential candidate get under way finally today in Iowa.

The campaign has up til now been littered with gaffes,withdrawals,embarrassments with true Republicans still holding out the hope that a "proper candidate to challenge Barack Obama in November will appear.

At the moment we have six runners and riders,the front runner from the start of the campaign,Mitt Romney trying to walk the tightrope between the needs of parts of his hardline party and his real views being closely pursued at least in this state by Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

Also still in the race and favourite amongst some parts is former congressional speaker Newt Gingrich,along with the gaffe prone Rick Perry and one time tea party favourite Michelle Bachmann.

By all accounts it is going to be a tight finish and although this is a small state,it is always seen as important as Republicans gather in their precinct caucuses to discuss who they will nominate.

It is the start of a long running battle to the summer with New Hampshire,South Carolina and Florida to follow this month.

The Iowa caucuses are really about giving the media a voter-based reason to narrow their national coverage to two or three candidates,” said Mike Murphy, a Republican strategist unaffiliated with any of the presidential campaigns. “Success is driven by the media attention, which in turn has a huge impact on fundraising and even polling numbers in the next wave of state primaries.”

By tomorrow morning we will probably have a good idea of who won't be running for President and the three names that could still be in the race.

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