Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cameron sets his price on Europe,the cantankerous" Cable and the Salford man haunted by a tragedy-Wednesday's papers

I have to start this morning's review with the front page of the Sun.

Haunted by a burglar is the paper's exclusive as it interviews Salford Grandad Peter Flanagan, who killed 27-year-old John Bennell with a kitchen knife after a machete-wielding gang broke into his house.

He tells the paper that he feared jail for murder before authorities decided he had acted in self-defence."I see John Bennell's face everywhere. He'll be with me for the rest of my life."

The Mirror also contains an exclusive with a man who clawed his way out of buried coffin.

The Prime Minister, writing in The Times tells the paper the price he is prepared to pay for backing the new Euro agreement.

He will block any new treaty that failed to protect Britain’s interests will make new safeguards for the City of London the price of his support for a recast Europe.

The Independent reveals more details of its investigation into Bell Pottinger with claims that they could arrange meetings with the special adviser to Vince Cable as the best way to get to the "cantankerous" Business Secretary;

Health matters make both the front of the Telegraph and the Guardian.

Andrew Lansley has called on the NHS to focus on "what really matters" as he prepares to announce plans to judge hospitals and doctors against 60 new goals that are designed to save more than 20,000 lives a year reports the former.

Whilst the Guardian reports that cancer patients will be forced to take medical tests and face "back to work" interviews under plans submitted to the government by by Prof Malcolm Harrington, the government adviser on testing welfare recipients.

Meanwhile the Express reveals how to cut your risk of cancer with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Finally to the Mail which reveals the loan sharks that are preying on the dying as it exposes three businessmen who made £9.5million from a disgraced company that lured the elderly into investing in stock market schemes

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