Sunday, 20 November 2011

What will Saif reveal,the Duke on Wind farms,revolting bishops,Boris and Robin-Sunday's papers

The capture of Saif Al-Islam and what secrets he will reveal is the concern of many of the Sunday papers.

The Mail on Sunday says his trial could prove highly embarrassing for influential British figures, including Prince Andrew and Tony Blair,if Saif reveals details of the close links he enjoyed with them.

The Independent asks what he will reveal about his dealings with the West reminding us that Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson and high rollers such as Oleg Deripaska and Nat Rothschild have all been linked to the British-educated 39-year-old.

Whilst the Sunday Times reports that new evidence of close links between Labour and the Gadaffi regime emerged last night in a report that showed a party donor used the London School of Economics to gain access to the dictator’s son.

The Duke of Edinburgh makes the front page of the Sunday Telegraph with his comments that wind farms are “absolutely useless”.

He also ,says the paper,criticised the industry’s reliance on subsidies from electricity customers, claimed wind farms would “never work” and accused people who support them of believing in a “fairy tale”.

Meanwhile another establishment figure makes the front page of the Observer as the paper reports that The archbishop of Canterbury,along with eighteen Church of England bishops, have condemned the coalition government's controversial welfare reforms, which they say risk pushing thousands of children into poverty and homelessness.

Elsewhere the Sunday Times claims that universities are cutting more than 5,000 degree courses,in the first comprehensive evidence of the impact of government funding cuts and tuition fee rises.

Boris is clashing with his leader over the Eurozone according to the Telegraph by declaring that the Prime Minister's preferred solution to the eurozone crisis would end up wrecking democracy and creating a German-dominated Europe.

Away from Libya,there are more problems.Clashes in Cairo have left two dead and more than 600 injured reports the Observer,after riot police sent volleys of tear gas, rubber bullets and "birdshot" pellet cartridges into the crowds.

The paper says the clashes put further pressure on the ruling generals and cast doubt on the ability of police to secure the poll, scheduled to begin on 28 November.

Meanwhile in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Times,President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has vowed to pursue a crackdown on his opponents despite Arab leaders’ threats of economic sanctions over his “bloody repression”.

Further afield,the Independent reports from Tibet where the latest Chinese crackdown has led to Buddhist monks taking part in a wave of immolations where at least nine Buddhist monks and two nuns have so far set themselves alight this year.

To the redtops and the Sunday Mirror leads with the news that Bee Gee Robin Gibb is battling liver cancer.

Robin’s mother Barbara, 91, and elder brother Barry have flown over from America to be with the star, who was allowed home after spending five hours at the hospital on Tuesday.

Whilst the People reports how X Factor favourite Amelia Lily has told of her fear that a daily battle with chronic diabetes could leave her blind.

Migrants in Cosmetic Op scan is the Express' headline as the paper claims that bogus asylum seekers are demanding IVF and cosmetic surgery on the NHS in a deliberate ploy to delay being kicked out of the country.

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