Monday, 21 November 2011

Mortgages on the state,toll roads,Egypt and Rihanna's shoes-Monday's papers

The housing market is the top subject for both the Independent and the Telegraph and the Independent as they report on the government's plans to “unblock" housing market.

The Prime Minister and his deputy says the Telegraph, will unveil proposals to help first-time buyers of new homes by carrying part of the risk of their mortgages.
They also propose subsidising the construction of 16,000 homes by giving £400 million of taxpayers’ money to property developers.

For the Independent the headline is that taxpayers will underwrite mortgages in the proposals contained in the coalition’s new housing strategy.

By taking on some of the risk of lending, the Government hopes to bring down deposits of up to 20 per cent for first-time buyers to as little as 5 per cent, and to kick-start demand for homes says the paper adding though that

if the housing market were to suffer significant falls in the future, the taxpayer could become liable for losses on repossessed homes.

The continuing crisis in Egypt is the subject for the Guardian which says that the country's elections are in doubt after violent clashes in central Cairo.

Several political parties and individual candidates said they were suspending their electoral campaigns after a weekend in which at least five people were killed and almost a thousand injured says the paper.

The Times says that the Egyptian junta was huddled in an emergency meeting last night although it announced that it would press ahead with the November 28 elections despite shambolic preparations.

It leads with the news that th will publish a National Action Plan on child sexual exploitation this week.The plan says the paper comes after it exposed a pattern of street-grooming involving groups of men and vulnerable girls in their early teens.

According to the Guardian,Britain is st to relax the EU directive on working rules.The paper says that the country will sign up to a revision of the Lisbon treaty,aimed at underpinning tough new fiscal rules for the eurozone,in exchange for an undertaking from Berlin that it will allow for an examination of the impact of the directive, which imposes a 48-hour week on workers across the EU.

Toll lanes to be the jams says the front page of the Mail.It claims that toll lanes are to be built as part of a major Government drive to kickstart the economy and that drivers using the lanes would be billed per journey, with the profits going to the private sector.

Meanwhile more transport stories from the Times which says sources have told it that the government have ruled out making any decision on calls for a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary until at least the middle of next year.

The Express reports that the Chancellor will be making a raid on pensions which could cost savers up to £100,000 each.

The paper describes it as reckless and says that tax breaks worth £7billion could be axed by the Chancellor in his Autumn Statement next week.

More X factor news in the redtops.The Sun reports that Rihanna wore shoes daubed with the words "F*** Off" in front of millions live on the programme last night.

Meanwhile the Mirror says that the programme's bosses have been accused of shamelessly using “sob stories” to save Misha B from being voted off

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