Thursday, 3 November 2011

Scathing report on government's regeneration strategy

Ministers have no adequate strategy to address the complex problems faced by England's most deprived communities warn MPs from the Communities and Local Government Committee in a new report.

If further resources for regeneration are not found, there is a risk that major problems will be stored up for the future.

Launching the report of an inquiry looking closely at the Government's approach to regeneration, Clive Betts MP, Chair of the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Committee, said:

"The Government has cut public funding for regeneration programmes dramatically and has produced no adequate 'strategy' for regeneration sufficient to tackle the deep-seated problems faced by our most deprived communities.

He added:

"The Government's measures will not attract sufficient investment for renewal into those communities where the market has failed. There is no sign that the private sector is filling the gap as public resources are being withdrawn. Indeed private investment is only likely to be attracted in partnership with public funding. Without further investment targeted at those places most in need, Ministers will store up serious social, economic and environmental problems for the future."

Source Gov Today

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