Thursday, 3 November 2011

Manchester's Invisible History walks return

Three new Invisible History walks which will be taking place in November

Here are the details which you can also get from the website

Wednesday 9 November 2pm Alison Gill and Helen Ostell 'Safety in numbers: life in Prestwich Asylum in 1900'.

A glimpse into the history and daily life of this self-contained community which has cared for a forgotten sector of society for over 150 years. Includes hands-on experience of original artefacts from Greater Manchester County Record Office's collections.

Wednesday 16 November 2pm Tim Gee ‘Counterpower'.
Co-hosted with the University of Salford

Counterpower is the power the ‘have-nots' can use to resist the power of the ‘haves'. No movement has achieved lasting change without it. From the revolutions of the 18th century to the Arab Spring of 2011, in his new book Tim Gee investigates the campaigns of the past and the present day and reveals the dynamics of social change.

Wednesday 30 November 2pm George McKay - ‘Radical Gardening'.

George McKay is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Salford and his new book, Radical gardening: politics, idealism & rebellion in the garden, aims to show how notions of utopia, of community, of peace and of activism for progressive social change, are practically worked through in the garden.

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