Sunday, 6 November 2011

Carnage on the M5,Border police bribes,would you trust Berlusconi and royal baby on hold-Sunday papers

Friday evening's crash on the M5 dominates many of the Sunday's front pages.

It was like Afghanistan says the Sunday Telegraph as it reports that seven people were confirmed dead and 51 injured after 28 cars and six lorries were involved in a multiple collision on a northbound section of the M5 in Somerset.

Jaysen Sharp, who witnessed the incident from a nearby rugby club, said: “It was a horrific accident. There were a number of explosions and black smoke. It’s not something you expect to see on the motorway, it was more like a scene from Afghanistan.”

Carnage is the headline on the front of both the Sunday Mirror and the Express whilst the Mail on Sunday speculates that it may have been caused by heavy smoke drifting on to the motorway from a nearby fireworks display.

As rescue workers last night tried to recover ‘burnt and unrecognisable’ bodies from the devastation, police sources admitted the death toll would inevitably rise adds the paper.

The Sunday Times leads with more on the border police agency.In an exclusive it claims that a senior employee sold visas to illegal immigrants in return for bribes.

The man whose job was to vet thousands of applicants from Africa for British visas is due in court this week over claims he accepted bribes for allowing Nigerians to enter the country illegally says the report.

The Observer leads with the continuing story at St Paul's.Labour leader Ed Miliband tells the paper that only the'most reckless' will ignore the danger signals from Occupy London protest.

His intervention,says the report, will be regarded as a risky manoeuvre designed to hit home the theme of his party conference speech of a need to rid the country of "irresponsible, predatory capitalism"

The Sunday Times meanwhile reports that the staff at St Paul’s Cathedral expressed outrage at having to clean up human waste after protesters used the outside of the building as a latrine

The European crisis is not far away.The Independent on Sunday turns the spotlight to Italy.Under the headline

Under the headline,would you trust this man to save us all from financial catastrophe,it says tomorrow,the markets will start to place their bets on the likelihood of Silvio Berlusconi stopping the eurozone debt contagion spreading beyond Greece to lands that are too big to be rescued.

The Telegraph meanwhile claims that a new report says Britain will be marooned inside a "permanent minority" in European Union decision making in just three years' times after rule changes kick in on member states' voting powers,

The Mail on Sunday says that Union Jack is under attack as EU officials try to take us closer to a United States of Europe.

Amongst the other Sunday stories,and with a week before remembrance day,the head of the Royal British Legion claimed last night that honouring the Military Covenant appears to no longer be a political priority for the Government.

More pressure for the Murdoch's as it is revealed that Rebekah Brooks,received £1.7m in cash, the use of a London office and a chauffeur-driven limousine as part of her severance package from the newspaper group.

Finally the baby plans of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are on hold until at least after next year's jubilee.

Speculation that is pregnant after refusing to eat ­peanut butter during a royal ­engagement in Demark was firmly quashed yesterday says the Sunday People.

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