Friday, 28 October 2011

Top Footsie Directors see earnings increase by 49 per cent

Rather staggering figures coming out of the latest research from Incomes Data Services (IDS)

FTSE 100 directors have seen their total earnings increase by an average of 49% in the last financial year, and are now averaging £2,697,664 per annum

IDS say that this increase was even higher than the 43% rise in total earnings for CEOs, which suggests that executive largesse is evenly spread across the board.

Total earnings is fixed pay, salary and benefits, the value of bonuses earned during the year, both cash and deferred, plus the „crystallised‟ money value of any long term incentive plan (LTIP) awards and the nominal gains made on the exercise of any share options cashed-in during the year.

FTSE 100 directors saw their average bonus payments increase by 23%, from £737,624 in 2010 to £906,044 in 2011.

Steve Tatton, editor of the IDS report, comments: “Britain‟s economy may be struggling to return to pre-recession levels of output, but the same cannot be said of FTSE 100 directors‟ remuneration.”

According to the IDS data, the increase in LTIPs and bonus payments received by FTSE 100 directors more than made up for a modest 3.2% growth in base salary that FTSE 100 directors averaged over the last year.

Total earnings of FTSE 100 directors rose across the board, with the breakdown as follows:
CEOs received an average increase of 43.5% (£3,855,172) Finance directors received an average increase of 34.1% (£2,001,515) All other directors received an average increase of 66.5% (£2,260,033)

Tatton adds that: “At a time when employees are experiencing real wage cuts and risk losing their livelihoods, without further explanation it may be difficult for FTSE 100 companies to justify the significant increase in earnings awarded to their directors.”
“The pay gap between the boardroom and the shop floor does not yet show any signs of closing.”

All data in the IDS Directors‟ Pay Report is taken from the latest available published annual accounts with year-end dates between February 2010 and April 2011.

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