Saturday, 15 October 2011

Syria moves into Lebanon,UN warns of civil war as casualty count tops 3,000

Whilst Dr Fox was resigning,rather worrying developments were taking place in the Middle East where Syria has been sending troops and tanks into Lebanon in a series of operations that it claims are intended to prevent weapons being smuggled to the Syrian opposition.

The incursions are according to the Times, occurring mainly in areas populated by Lebanese Sunnis who broadly support the rebellion against the Alawite-dominated regime of President Assad.

Trouble has been festering between the two for a few weeks with accusations Syria’s embassy’s involvement in recent kidnappings in Lebanon.

Meanwhile a top UN official is warning that the country is heading for full-blown civil war.

Human rights commissioner, Navi Pillay,said in a statement that "The onus is on all members of the international community to take protective action in a collective manner, before the continual ruthless repression and killings drive the country into a full-blown civil war,"

Violence has erupted again in the country over the last few days.At least 12 people were killed yesterday bringing the toll to over 3,000 in the pro democracy crackdown

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