Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday's papers-Fox,Letwin,artic weather and Kevin Webster

These are the headlines this morning from the papers.dominated by one vent late yesterday afternoon in the political world.

Performing a reluctant reshuffle, David Cameron made minimal moves to the frontbench from his constituency home in Oxfordshire, replacing Fox by phone with the transport secretary, Philip Hammond, who in turn was succeeded by Justine Greening
says the Guardian

which says that Dr Fox had crumpled under the weight of this week's news stories and could not bear to contemplate another weekend of claims surrounding his friendship with his best man.

Dr Fox spared David Cameron the political awkwardness of a sacking and told the Prime Minister in a surprise 2.30pm phone call that he was resigning. says the Times adding that he said that he had “mistakenly allowed the distinction between my personal interest and my government activities to become blurred”

The Telegraph says that the resignation occurred as it emerged that the Defence Secretary had personally asked a City financier to bankroll his unofficial adviser.

The paper adds that

Within an hour of Dr Fox stepping down, the venture capitalist Jon Moulton, who provided money for Mr Werritty, said the Defence Secretary had asked him to give cash to his friend’s firm. It is understood that an investigation into Dr Fox’s dealings with Mr Werritty by Sir Gus O’Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary, had concluded that his position was untenable.

The Mail reveals that he fell on his sword after the millionaire money men turned on him and deliberately leaked details of how £157,000 was paid to his self-styled adviser Adam Werritty, pictured together on Dr Fox's wedding day, to let him fly around the world with the Defence Secretary.

The Independent says that Dr Fox had told friends he had decided to step down because he could see no end to the media feeding frenzy.

The Laurel and Hardy clowns’ shambolic behaviour has left the PM reeling says the Mirror,reminding readers that it is not just Dr Fox who is in the headlines but Oliver Letwin who faces a probe for dumping secret papers in public bins.

The Express doesn't lead with the resignation instead prefering to tell us that winter will roar in next week as a bitterly cold Arctic blast brings snow and freezing temperatures for up to 10 days.

Meanwhile the Sun reveals that Corontaion Street's Michael Le Vell,accused of raping a girl of six — has split from his wife.

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