Monday, 17 October 2011

Strange story of the day-Man collects his 10 millionth acorn

There are as we are all well aware,some rather strange jobs knocking around.

This may well be one of them as the BBC reports that a professional acorn picker from Somerset is thought to have collected his 10 millionth acorn after 20 years.

57 year old David Bendon says the report

collects acorns by hand each autumn on the Nettlecombe Estate in Exmoor.The acorns are harvested from trees, which have been selected for their size and health, and then sold to nurseries.Mr Bendon said on cold, wet days it was "pretty horrible" but "one day these small acorns will be big magnificent oaks and what a legacy to leave.I just do it literally squirrel-fashion. So pretty much I get down like a squirrel, grovel around and collect acorns,"

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