Sunday, 9 October 2011

Poland and France to the polls

There are two elections taking place in Europe today.

Across the Channel,the French socialists are voting for who will stand against Nicholas Sarkozy in next year's presidential election.

Frontrunner,Francois Hollande whose former wife and Presidential candidate last time round,Segolene Royal,appears to be going head to head with Martine Aubry, daughter of former European Commission chief and architect of the Euro Jacques Delors.

The socialists have not been in the Elysee palace since 1992 and were dealt a blow eralier in the summer when the man considered to be the favourite Dominic Strauss Khan was found in an uncompromising poistion in a New York Hotel.

Opinion polls suggest Hollande, a witty if unexciting party veteran who has never been a government minister, will not only win the primary but is sufficiently popular to defeat Sarkozy by a comfortable margin if the two face off in the presidential battle next April.

Meanwhile in Poland,one of the few countrys to actually register growth in the European community, Prime Minister Donald Tusk's centrist and pro-EU party in the lead, but facing a tough challenge from Law and Justice, the conservative and nationalistic party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Kaczynski is a former Prime Minister and brother of Lech who, died in a plane crash in Russia in 2010 along with 95 other people.

He has repeatedly pinned the blame on Tusk amd the Russians for that crash.

Voters in this country of 38 million will elect 460 lawmakers to the lower house of parliament, the Sejm, and 100 to the Senate.

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