Saturday, 8 October 2011

Brrrrrr says the Express

Whilst the Mail is obsessed with the BBC,the Express is obsessed with the weather.

A week ago we were basking in the high 20's but according to its front page it could be -20c within weeks

"I expect the most frequent and heavy snowfalls to occur across many parts of the UK during November, December, and January,James Madden," long-range forecaster for Exacta Weather tells the paper as the paper leads with

The prediction of a bitterly cold spell with biting winds came as councils declared they have fully prepared for a big freeze by stockpiling thousands of tons of extra grit.
The mountain of salt could be dug into very soon as forecasters say Britain is likely to be hit by temperatures as low as minus 20C – perhaps even lower – and widespread heavy snow as early as the start of next month.

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