Sunday, 16 October 2011

People's History museum

Good to see that Manchester's People's History Museum has made the list of the world's top history museums in the world in this morning's Indy.

This is what the article has about it

Visitors are invited to join "a march through time following Britain's struggle for democracy over two centuries" at this Manchester museum where the collections have been designated as being of national importance. Objects and archives from the organised labour movement of the past 200 years aim to bring to life the social history of working people. Highlights include one of the finest collections of political cartoons and posters from the Spanish Civil War, a selection of commemorative ceramics, and 70,000 images relating to the Labour Party and social history. Quirky exhibits include Thomas Paine's death mask, Kier Hardie's pit lamp, and Ben Tillet's bag from the dock strike of 1889.

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