Monday, 17 October 2011

Fox,Hammond,bad news for the Tories on women voters and Labour's ambulance chasers-Monday's papers

Three days post Fox and the former Defence secretary still features on the front pages.

The Independent reports that Fresh questions are arising as the report into Adam Werrity is brought forward.

This time they concern his replacement,Philip Hammond who the paper says was hosted at various events by Michael Hintze, an Australian-born former Goldman Sachs banker who was a key financier of the former defence secretary

Meanwhile analysis by the Guardian reveals that ministers held more than 1,500 meetings with corporate representatives in the first 10 months of the coalition

The Times has more bad news for the government as it reports the conclusion of extensive internal research by the Conservative Party which finds that millions more women than men think that the economy is headed in the wrong direction, have become deeply pessimistic about their children’s futures and are suspicious of the coalition.

The Telegraph turns to the economy reporting that British taxpayers may be dragged into a rescue package for the eurozone after a leading forecaster warned that the crisis has brought this country’s economy “grinding to a halt”

A European theme in the Express which says that our hopes of quitting the EU received a huge boost last night after MPs were given the green light to hold a vote on the issue.

The Mail turns its attention to the Labour party which it claims cashes in on ambulance chasers.The party’s coffers are swollen by ‘£250 plus VAT’ every time it refers a supporter who is seeking accident compensation to a friendly firm of solicitors.

It's taken 22 years of ­dignified campaigning against a backdrop of vile slurs and distorted facts says the Mirror but relatives of the 96 Liverpool fans killed at Hillsborough have taken a step closer to learning the full truth as David Cameron pledged to release secret Cabinet papers on the 1989 tragedy.

X factor takes the front page of the Sun as the paper claims that a seething Simon Cowell exploded in fury as The X Factor descended into meltdown,telling producers: "Sort it out. This is not good enough."

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