Thursday, 6 October 2011

Oyster style ticketing for buses says commission

Hidden away today from the main agenda is the news that the Competition Commission says that competition in the regional bus market should be encouraged by local transport authorities introducing tickets valid across the services of rival operators and opening up access to bus stations run by one company.

Back in May its initial report suggested that passengers in many local areas faced less frequent services compared with areas where there was more competition.

"We believe that greater competition between operators is the best way to rectify the problems we have identified and ensuring fair access to bus stations, tackling 'over bussing', opening up the tendering process, close scrutiny of bus mergers, and encouraging 'competition-friendly' partnerships will all help achieve this," Jeremy Peat, the chairman of the local bus market investigation group, said in a statement.

The Commission though recommended against franchising of those routes because it addresses the symptoms of the problems we have found rather than the cause.
The Office of Fair Trading was urged to prioritise investigations of bus mergers and to take a cautious approach in exercising its discretion not to refer small mergers.

The Competition Commission will consult on the latest proposals before publishing its final report later this year.

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