Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Maya the cat-an accident waiting to happen?

Brilliant piece in this morning's Guardian by the excellent Jonathan Freedland.

Some Tories are measuring the success of their party conference by the fact that the biggest story yo come out of it is Maya the cat but Freedland writes that its very nature has exposed their vulnerability.

He says

It seems trivial – and it is. But in this miniature row one could glimpse some of the vulnerabilities of an apparently dominant Conservative party, of which a tendency towards cock-up and tension at the top are the most minor. More important, May's original remarks – made by the woman who famously told the Tories they were "the nasty party" – suggested a reversion to type, as the original Cameroonian bid to decontaminate the Tory brand by relocating on the softer centre-ground of British politics gives way to a familiar, hard-edged Conservatism.

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