Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Christie drops out-Does that leave the door open for Romney

Procrastinating politicians has been keeping a watchful eye on the Republican nominee race across the pond.

The news overnight is that New Jersey Governor,Chris Christie has decided he won't be running leaving the door wide open for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is what appears to be a straight fight with foot in the mouth candidate Rick Perry.

According to the Wall Street Journal

Mr. Christie's announcement dashed the hopes of a small legion of donors, pundits and leading figures in the Republican Party who had argued that the governor, known as a blunt-talking spending hawk, would draw in moderate voters and push the GOP fiscal agenda in Washington. Some of those backers said they feared the existing candidates hadn't shown they have wide enough appeal to beat President Barack Obama next year.

Recent days have seen Romney leap into an early lead with the consensus being that the more people hear Perry speak,the less they like him.

The weekend's gaffe over sending sending troops to Mexico certainly didn't help but whilst polls show that Romney could give Obama a fight next November,he has yet to win over part of the GOP elite and this article says

While Romney’s differences with the Tea Party are well known, the Christie clamor showed how some Republican elders want a candidate with economic credentials who can tap into the emotions of the electorate in a way the cool, buttoned-down Romney cannot.

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