Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Manchester City Council meets tomorrow

It is the first time that the full council has net since the August riots,a topic which will no doubt be dwelt on at great length.

There are a number of motions that have been submitted

1.that the rioting that took place in Manchester city centre on Tuesday 9 August
2011 as unjustified acts of criminality from the Lib Dem opposition and one on a similar subject from Labour with the Council gives a wholehearted vote of thanks to the men and women who protected our City and restored order to Manchester during and following the criminal disturbances in August. .

2.Also from the Lib Dems on the state of Manchester's bin collections and the litter on the streets

The Lib Dems are also putting forward the following motion no doubt to embarras the ruling Labour side

Council notes the complete failure of the previous Government's policy of
forced regionalisation of England's Fire Control Centres, closing 46 local
centres to be replaced by 9 super-centres. Nearly £500 million has been
wasted without answering a single emergency call nor mobilising a single fire
and from Labour

3. a motion noting and welcoming the UK-wide campaign to end ‘legal loan sharking’.

You can read the full agenda HERE-the meeting gets under way at 10.00am at the Town Hall

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