Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Calamity on and off the field for the glorious game

This blog tends to shy away from sport but it is worth mentioning the calamity that the England rugby team appears to have taken part in during the World cup in New Zealand.

Defeat at the hands of France on Saturday condemned the side to its worst performance at the competition since 1999 and followed an uninspired group performance,scrapping through against Scotland and Argentina.

But it wasn't just on the field that calamity raised its head.Off the field antics with bartenders in Queensland and jumping ship in Auckland harbour have made the squad into a laughing stock and on a par with those purveyors of the round ball in recent years.

Now this morning it turns out that the team's tactics may have been left around the islands as the Times reports that sensitive tactical briefing notes that detail on-field moves and training drills worked on at the England base in Dunedin were discovered more than 300 miles away at the Ireland team hotel in Wellington.

The clamour is for coach Martin Johnson and World cup hero of 2003 to get the boot.What will in reality happen is that there will be yet another long enquiry into the failings of the team resulting in another boring report and changes at the games most senior level

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