Saturday, 1 October 2011

Manchester City Centre-where legions are paid to sell you stuff you don't need

Whilst Zoe Williams' article in the Guardian smacks of everything that is wrong when your parachute a London Hack into a Northern City,her analysis of Manchester's economy is spot on

if it's a jewel in the free market crown, untouched by consumer slump, it also represents neatly everything that's wrong with the economy: the endless Keynesian circle-jerk, where legions of people are paid to sell you stuff you don't need so they can buy stuff they don't need and as long as you have your head above the water, it doesn't matter if a shark is about to eat you.

As Daniel Bentley tweeted to me earlier

Shop staff on minimum wage plus commission selling designer clobber to footballers, WAGs and Spinningfields bankers

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