Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Another attempt to boost Altrincham

I was in Altrincham a couple of weeks ago and noted its rather run down look nit helped by the fact that the shopping centre was being dug up.

More to the point as with many town centres,the amount of shops empty,boarded up was rather noticeable given that local businesses were campaigning to keep it alive.

Now it seems that a group of local businesses and residents is starting another campaign to breathe some life into the tired Trafford town.

According to Manchester Confidential,

Altrincham Forward launched last week as a partnership of private sector firms including Bruntwood and Ask Developments, as well as the local council and residents’ groups.

The group will be producing a strategy document in the next twelve months "to let people know Altrincham is open for business"

Of course with the current climate on our high streets,12 months may be just a little too long but let's wish them luck

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