Sunday, 9 October 2011

Huhne revealed to be behind catgate tip off

So the cat is out the bag,so to speak over Energy secretary's strange tweet on Friday.

Chris Huhne's slip of the fingers appears to have related to him dropping into the ether the story that Teresa May's cat speech certain similarities to one that Mr Farage had made to Ukip.

The cat deportation episode sparked off the only mildly contoversial moment of last week's Tory Party conference,setting the Home Secretary at war with her fellow cabinet colleague Ken Clarke.

The cabinet minister was asked about the mistake on the BBC's Politics Show earlier today.

He admitted that he has noticed that his local rag,The Eastleigh News was running a recording of Mrs May's speech alongside a recording of a similar speech by Mr Farage.

According to the BBC,Mr Huhne said

"I have left a message for her (Mrs May) but I haven't managed to speak to her. I left a message on her voicemail."

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