Saturday, 8 October 2011

Huhne puts a c instead of a d

We have all made out mistakes in social media,that slip of the finger,pressing send at the wrong time.

Now energy secretary Chris Huhne accidentlt revealed to political journalist Patrick Hennessey that he did not want to be the source of a planted story.

According to the Independent,he appeared to accidentally post a private message to his almost 8,000 followers on Twitter.

Mr Huhne wrote: "From someone else fine but I do not want my fingerprints on the story. C"

and adds that

Last night there was lively speculation on what the story might be that Mr Huhne did not want his "fingerprints" on. It appeared the message was intended for the political editor of The Sunday Telegraph, Patrick Hennessy, who tweeted five minutes later: "Got to find another Lib Dem source for my splash now *massive cough*". A "splash" is journalistic slang for a front-page story.

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