Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Framing-How the nationals deal with the MOJ report into the summer riots

It is very interesting to see how the paper's this morning have interpreted yesterday's report from the Ministry of Justice on the summer riots and looting.

Their different headlines and emphasis is a lesson in how nationals will frame a story,often to suit their own agendas.

Here is a look at this morning's headlines

The Independent is the only paper to lead on the story.It's headline suggests that the government got it wrong over the causes citing the fact that most of the young rioters arrested during this summer's violence came from the country's most deprived homes and were struggling at schools in poor neighbourhoods

This says the paper shows that the riots were not fuelled by an aggressive gang culture,instead the vast majority of looters acted alone.

Riot analysis plays down gang role says the Guardian again echoing what the Indy says

Official figures show that 13% of those arrested in the riots have been identified as gang members, rising to 19% in London. But even where police identified gang members being present, most forces believe they did not play a pivotal role
adding that

The finding are a blow,the say to the principal response to the riots being pushed strongly by the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith,that tackling gang culture is key to preventing any repeat of the riots.

Rioters ‘poor and more likely to have done badly at school is the Times headline

Two thirds of youngsters involved in the riots that swept cities this summer needed special educational help and a third had been excluded from school in the past year

Third of young looters had been expelled from school is the Telegraph's take on the report

the report showed 36% of young people - some 139 10-17-year-olds - appearing before the courts over the violence and looting had received one or more fixed-term exclusions in 2009/10, compared with just 5.6% of all pupils aged 15.

The Mail's headline looks at another aspect of the report.It discovers that One in eight defendants were on incapacity or disability benefit.

The figures,says the paper,raise concerns that many alleged rioters were cheating the benefits system.

The Express follows the same lead-NEARLY HALF OF RIOT THUGS ARE PAID BENEFITS is its headline

Whilst the Mirror reports that rioters beat up or mugged more than 700 victims as they brought anarchy to the streets over the summer

I predict a rioter says the Sun reporting that Thugs held in the August riots were part of a feckless criminal underclass,with one in eight on disability benefits,

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