Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cameron's bloody nose,squeeze on middle classes and Robin's battle-Tuesday's papers

The European vote continues to make the headlines after last night's vote on the EU referendum.

The Guardian says that the largest postwar rebellion on Europe occurred last night as 81 Tory MPs voted in favour of a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.

With a new opinion poll showing overwhelming support for a referendum, normally loyal backbenchers told Downing Street that Cameron will face further rebellions unless he takes a tough stance in EU treaty negotiations
. says the paper.

The Mail and the Express take to the barricades though.A bloody nose for Cameron says the former

it was a worse mutiny on Europe than any suffered by Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher or John Major, and came after Mr Cameron told his MPs that they might have to wait years before Britain claws back powers from Brussels.

Whilst the Express describes a scandal over the vote saying that craven MPs were last night accused of cowardice and betrayal after rejecting a referendum on the European Union in a crunch Commons vote.

Cambusters says the Sun saying that the PM's euro war with his backbenchers may now continue for years with a new EU treaty change on the cards as the only solution to the debt crisis.

The other papers look to other stories for their leads.Cabinet ministers wrong about cause of riots says the Independent reporting that the Government's own research has concluded most of the young rioters arrested during this summer's violence came from the country's most deprived homes and were struggling at schools in poor neighbourhoods.

The Telegraph warns that a new report warns that children from middle-class families will be hardest hit by the most severe funding cuts to state education since records began more than 50 years ago.

The Times claims an exclusive reporting that after its investigations,the Vatican has ordered a top-level inquiry into sexual abuse by clerics at London's Ealing abbey.

Bee Gee Robin's agony is the headline in the Mirror as the paper reports he has been constantly fighting a crippling stomach condition for nearly two years,the same condition that killed his brother Maurice.

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