Saturday, 24 September 2011

Warnings for Labour and Ed ahead of Liverpool

As the Labour Party converges on Liverpool for its annual conference,this morning's papers paint a rather bleak picture for its leader.

Two polls in the Guardian and the Sun will not make great reading for Ed.

A YouGov poll for the Sun discovered 70 per cent of voters think the Labour party is "not fit for government" whilst the Guardian's monthly ICM poll puts Ed as having the lowest approval ratings of any party head.

There is some good news though in that Guardian poll for the party as a whole is still ahead but its results suggest it has yet to convince voters it has the right team and policies to run the country.

But the bad news continues.According to the Times,a report by the Fabian Society warns that the party’s “economic credibility gap” is now so wide that Mr Miliband urgently needs to set out a clear plan for how Labour would cut the deficit and spark growth.

Whilst the Independent warns that that Labour is losing the crucial political battle on the economy despite growing fears that the Coalition Government's tough deficit reduction programme is hurting but not working.

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