Saturday, 24 September 2011

A new vision for libraries

From the future of newspapers to the future of libraries.

The New Local Government network (NLGN)have undertaken a research project to gauge just what the future may have in store for libraries.

It believes that a real opportunity exists to go back to the drawing board and reassess how library service should be.

It paints a picture of browsing virtual bookshelves by touchscreen,a myriad of desks and seating spaces with fixed Kindles surrounded by virtual bookshelves and selecting books on your way to work with an easy swipe of your travelcard card.

The report concludes that

Our vision of the future suggests that by 2015 users will have much greater opportunity to engage with library services than they can today. Libraries will continue to be provided through traditional community hubs, but access should increase greatly with the introduction of new and more personally tailored services and an expansion of online services.

adding that its role and importance is unlikely to change dramatically. Libraries will as remain crucial community spaces, a local resource for information and a vital catalyst for literacy.

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