Thursday, 22 September 2011

Eurosceptics triumph says the Spectator-Yah boo to the FT and the Beeb

This week's Spectator magazine is out and the right leaning publication takes on the Euro in its major article.

For Eurosceptics the battle appears to have been won writes the magazine

They were not merely right about the single currency, the greatest economic issue of our age — they were right for the right reasons. They foresaw with lucid, prophetic accuracy exactly how and why the euro would bring with it financial devastation and social collapse.

whilst for those who backed it they

find themselves in the same situation as appeasers in 1940, or communists after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They are utterly busted.

However the magazine turns its ammunition on two institutions who have backed the Euro,the FT which flung itself headlong into the pro-euro camp, embracing the cause with an almost religious passion and the BBC which in 2001 made a case for the euro that was represented by twice as many figures, interviews and soundbites as the case against.

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