Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thursday's papers

Some varied headlines in the papers.

The Guardian leads with today's ruling in the Law Lords which

delivers its judgment in the case of Debbie Purdy, whose long legal fight has put her at the centre of the controversy.

Purdy, who has multiple sclerosis, claims that uncertainty as to whether her husband – the Cuban violinist Omar Puente – would face prosecution for assisting her suicide abroad breaches her human rights. She will learn tomorrow whether the law lords agree with her and demand a clarification of the law.

The Independent
believes that asylum-seekers have become early victims of the squeeze on government spending in the face of the economic crisis.

Allowances for people who claim refuge in Britain will be cut or frozen in the autumn in an effort to reduce the size of the asylum budget

According to the Telegraph,the scale of the Corby birth defects scandal has become clear after it emerged that more than 75 families could be affected by the biggest child poisoning case since thalidomide.

The paper reports that

A High Court judge has ruled that Corby borough council had been negligent in the way it dismantled a steelworks,and they are now expected to pursue claims for millions of pounds in compensation.

Both the Times and the Express lead with the same story that the government's food wachdog has declared that Organic food is no healthier than other produce,

The largest ever review into the science behind organic food found that it contained no more nutritional value than factory-farmed meat or fruit and vegetables grown using chemical fertilisers

The Express reminds us that buying organic costs families 70 per cent more than standard groceries.

Whilst the Mail is gunning for the Met Office as it reports that yesterday the weathermen officially admitted that their prediction of a 'barbecue summer' had been hopelessly wrong.

the tourism industry was asking how the experts got things so badly wrong.

The Sun finally reports on the baby machine

A MUM who has had 13 children is pregnant with her 14th - even though ALL her kids have been taken into care.
Last night brazen baby machine Theresa Winters, 36, vowed to carry on having children until social workers let her and jobless partner Toney Housden, 36, keep ONE.

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