Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday's papers

One story dominates the front pages as the Mail's headline sums it up

The decriminalisation of those who assist 'suicide tourism' moved a stage closer last night after a landmark ruling by the Law Lords. reports the paper

In a unanimous ruling, the law lords ordered the director of public prosecutions to immediately draw up a policy that would spell out when prosecutions would and would not be pursued.says the Guardian

The Independent reports

Debbie Purdy said she was ecstatic about her legal victory in the House of Lords, as well she might have been. The ruling represents a complete vindication for her in her long battle through the courts and means that the law on assisted suicide must be clarified. It also brings the whole subject of euthanasia back into the public arena.

The Times reporting that

any guidance will not remove the offence of assisted suicide under the Suicide Act 1961 but make the situation clearer for people who help relatives to die in circumstances of “compassionate” assisted suicide

The Telegraph also carries the story on its front page but leads with the news that

Motorists who drive to work face having to pay a £250 “parking tax” under a scheme to be announced by ministers today

Meanwhile the Express reports that

Home owners received some much-needed cheer yesterday as analysts predicted Britain could be on the brink of another house price boom as prices increased for the third month in a row in July, up by 1.3 per cent,

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