Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow,rail bonuses,Amanda' Baby and Clegg dropped by Harry Potter-Monday's papers

The cold snap and snow over the weekend takes centre stage on many of the front pages.

According to the Mail,the country is set for a cold snap which could last a month adding that despite a week of warnings that freezing weather was on its way, airports, roads and railways again failed dismally to cope.

 Heathrow again is the brunt of the problem according to the Telegraph which says that just three inches of snow managed to halt half of the flights coming out of the airport. BAA, the Spanish-owned airport operator says the paper, incurred the wrath of passengers after 600 flights were grounded at Heathrow despite just three inches of snowfall, disrupting the plans of as many as 18,000 travellers.

The Express also leads with the weather saying that the country faces a week of ice chaos with sub-zero temperatures giving no respite from the Siberian deep freeze, forecasters said yesterday.

Transport of another sort is the headline in the Times which reports that ministers have heaped pressure on Network Rail to reject a £20 million bonus package for six senior executives in the latest row over excessive rewards for state employees.

The Guardian adding that the transport secretary, Justine Greening, is planning to vote against a proposed bonus on Friday but she was accused by Labour of failing to use her powers to put a stop to the payments.

It leads with the news that charities are saying that the government's focus on alleged fraud and overclaiming to justify cuts in disability benefits has caused an increase in resentment and abuse directed at disabled people adding that some of the charities say they are now regularly contacted by people who have been taunted on the street about supposedly faking their disability and are concerned the climate of suspicion could spill over into violence or other hate crimes.

The Independent reports on its front page that the government is facing a mass exodus of senior civil servants.The paper says that staff turnover rates in some departments are now as high as 30 per cent, according to an analysis by the respected think-tank the Institute for Government.

Long may she reign over us.The Queen has been on the throne 60 years today and many of the papers cover the event.In a message of thanks to the public,reports the Telegraph, the 85-year-old monarch says she has been “deeply moved” by the messages of support she and the Duke of Edinburgh have received over her Diamond Jubilee adding that she says she looks to the future with a “clear head and warm heart” and highlights the importance of “family, friendship and good neighbourliness”.

The row over aid to India continues to rumble in the Mail as the paper reports that David Cameron was under intense pressure last night to slash the £1billion in aid Britain gives to India after the country said it no longer wanted the money.

Amanda's joy is the headline in the Mirror as the paper reports that the 40-year-old Britain’s Got Talent judge was all smiles as she and husband Chris Hughes showed off the latest addition to their family.

Finally more problems for Nick Clegg as the Sun reports Harry Potter star,Daniel Radcliffe has branded him a Tory "whipping boy", and switched his allegiance to Labour.

According to the paper,The actor, 22, was a vocal supporter of the Lib Dem leader in the run-up to the last General Election. But he thinks backing him has become "unviable" since Mr Clegg became Deputy Prime Minister in the Coalition.

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