Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Super Thursday for Manchester's Mayor elections

Elections for Manchester's Mayor and elected police commissioner will take place in November.

Local government minister Greg Clarke will make the announcement later today in a speech in Birmingham when he will announce that the 15th November will see elections take place across 40 cities.

Manchester votes on the 3rd May in a referendum to decide whether it wants an elected Mayor.Local politicians are against the move believing that an individual Mayor for the city doesn't make sense when the political decisions are made at a Greater Manchester level.

In a speech later,Clarke will say that elected mayors provide cities with the strong, visible leadership that can help them prosper nationally and internationally.

"This is an opportunity for each city to transform itself for the better. The world's great cities have mayors who lead for their city on the national and international stage, attracting investment and jobs. We believe that mayors can help English cities achieve their full potential too.

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