Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Scotland the brave

If you have been reading the papers over the last few days it won't have escaped your notice that the battlelines appear to have been drawn over the debate for Scottish Independence.

In one corner Alex Salmond who has decided that the referendum will be held in the autumn of 2014 with three questions on the ballot paper.

In the other stands David Cameron and the rest of the Westminster machine which is of course firmly on the side of the maintenance of the union and wants a vote sooner rather than later believing that all this speculation is damaging the economy.

Salmond upped the anti so to speak on the Today programme this morning announcing that the referendum on Scottish independence has to "made in Scotland and decided by the Scottish people"

However those on this side of the border believe that he lacks the legal authority even to call a vote with Salmond retorting that the coalition has no mandate to intervene.

Salmond will be believing that any intervention from Westminster will play into his hands with the Scottish electorate.

Now the Prime Minister has announced that he will be meeting with the first minister in due course to discuss the controversial plans.

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