Wednesday, 4 January 2012

MP Davies throws down the immigration gauntlet

A Tory MP has put the cat among the pigeons by speaking out against immigration.

David Davies,who is MP for Monmouth has said that immigration would fuel demand for new homes, including in his largely rural constituency.

 He added that there was a danger that immigration became an issue only extremists spoke about.

 According to Wales Online he said “It goes without saying that the millions of law abiding people who have come here, learned English, got jobs and integrated into society are to be made welcome and those who try to whip up prejudice based on ethnicity or where people were born should be completely condemned.

In comments that are bound to have some recuperation's he added that “At the same time we cannot escape the fact that continued large scale immigration is fuelling the demand for housebuilding, including in areas like rural Wales, even though the number of recent UK arrivals living here is small.”

 Davies who is the Conservative chairman of the Welsh Affairs Committee made the comments in a letter to Greenpeace, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales and Friends of the Earth.

According to the BBC website, Friends of the Earth Cymru director Gareth Clubb, who said he would write back to Mr Davies, said the destabilising impact of climate change would fuel migration around the world."If David Davies is concerned about immigration to Wales his first port of call should be to support very strong climate legislation,"

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John said...

I am glad that Friends of the Earth understand the relationship between immigration and the real world although, despite this, they do not seem to be concerned about the sustainability of the UK itself. There is a very real danger that this year may bring an horrendous economic meltdown, it is also fairly certain that, over the next 50 years, climate change and the enrichment of China will lead to very high food prices. How British governments can justify the continued importation of half a million people a year when we already have 20 million more people than we can feed from our own resources is beyond me. See The ONS Predicted population of Britain. The current levels of migration into the UK are absolutely epic, comparable with the largest migrations in world history.

England has never been populated so far past its sustainability limits. It is probable that every half million people brought into England will cause half a million of our grandchildren or great grandchildren to die of famine at some time during the next 100 years. People just don't seem to appreciate the absolutely epic scale of the current migration into England.