Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mensch-The Iron Maiden

Tory MP Louise Mensch's interview with Mathhew D'Acona in this week's GQ magazine is certainly getting a fair amount of coverage this morning.

It must be a fairly slow newsday,first day back and all that. It is not online yet,although you can get a preview HERE By all reports though the,as GQ put it,
rock-chick bonkbuster author turned backbench MP, catapulted into our consciousness in the phone-hacking scandal
has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons,so to speak.

Here is a trailer to what the magazine is calling the Iron Maiden,no doubt timed to coincide with the release of the Iron Lady film,the following day

According to snippets in the Press this morning,the Conservative MP, has spoken of her frustration at being overlooked for promotion, claiming that female politicians were “trivialised.” adding that she hoped one day to "have a crack at International Development". However she told the magazine that given the choice between being made a Cabinet minister and having one of her books, written under her maiden name, Louise Bagshawe, turned into a Hollywood movie, she would choose the latter.

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