Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cameron's Tourettes Gaffe-let's get tough on bankers and the Countess and those jewels-Sunday papers

A quick round up of what the Sunday papers are saying this morning.

David Cameron gets star billing in both the Telegraph and the Observer.

In what is going to be the big story of the day in after an interview with the Telegraph,he has issued an apology after describing Ed Balls’s behaviour in the House of Commons as like "someone with Tourette’s"

He told the paper in what has become the main story this morning that has taken any gloss away from the interview that was about a fairer Britain that "He just annoys me,but I’m very bad, in the House of Commons, at not getting distracted, and the endless, ceaseless banter, it’s like having someone with Tourette’s permanently sitting opposite you."

Meanwhile in the Observer,the Prime Minister pledges is firmly behind his business secretary's pledge to give shareholders a legal right to block sky-high pay awards to company executives under radical plans for an assault on "fat cat" earnings drawn up by the government.

According to the paper,he confirmed the move and said he was determined to end the "merry-go-round" of super-rich bosses rubber-stamping each others' inflated deals and being rewarded for failure.

The Mail on Sunday meanwhile thinks the moves will go further as it reports that growing public outrage over the severe damage caused by the banking crisis has prompted the Chancellor to prepare a new criminal offence of ‘corporate negligence’ to punish reckless financiers.

The move, adds the paper, comes just days before the annual City bonus season, which is expected to bring another round of bumper payouts despite the sluggish UK economy and families suffering a historic squeeze on household finances.

No 10 also makes in on the front of the Sunday Times as the paper claims that Gerald Ronson,was blocked by Downing Street from receiving a knighthood despite support from Liberal Democrats who saw him as an exemplar of a rehabilitated man.

According to the report,senior figures at No 10 decided that it would be inappropriate for the 72-year-old former convict, who was jailed in the Guinness share trading scandal in 1990, to be given such a high award.

The Independent on Sunday,in the wake of this week's Stephen Lawrence verdicts decides to take a look at the race issue in Britain in 2012 and concludes that some things have improved for the black and Asian communities since the murder in 1993, but Britain still has a long way to go before it can call itself a colour-blind country.

A poll in the Observer reveals our hopes and fears for the coming year.The survey by British Future thinktank paints a picture of a hopeful country at ease with itself but fearful of the consequences of its diminishing resources.

Meanwhile a poll of businessmen in the Independent reveals that more than half of Britain's top business people expect the economy to get worse over the next 12 months with less than 10 per cent believe there will be some improvement,

A former Prime Minister makes the front pages of the Telegraph.The paper reports that Tony Blair channelled millions of pounds through a complicated web of companies and paid just a fraction in tax.

Official accounts says the paper, show a company set up by Mr Blair to manage his business affairs paid just £315,000 in tax last year on an income of more than £12 million.

 The People reveals the hell of Coronation Street Actor Michael Le Vell who the paper says has demanded a change in the law after he was ­publicly named as a child rape suspect.

The Actor says that the three-month investigation into a false claim that he had sexually abused a six-year-old girl left him contemplating suicide.

The Sunday Times can reveal that Double-decker trains with glass ceilings, luxury dining cars and play areas for children could be used on the new high-speed rail route.

The Transport Minister is due to give the go ahead for the scheme this week and in an interview with the paper Justine Greening,indicated she was attracted to the idea of double-decker trains.

The Royals make some fleeting appearances in the papers.The Sunday Mirror reporting that Kate Middleton is spearheading a mercy mission to help Britain’s abandoned war veterans.

However it is the Countess of Wessex who features in the Telegraph as the row over her acceptance of jewels from Bahrain continues,the paper says that Buckingham Palace was last night forced to defend the Countess of Wessex after it emerged she had accepted a lavish set of gems from the Bahrain royal family during a visit to the Gulf state.

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