Sunday, 29 January 2012

Any suggestions for a 10 minute rule bill asks MP Leech

A new way of connecting with the community perhaps?

Withington's MP John Leech is asking asking his constituents what law they would like to see him try and change following his sucessful entry into the ballot for 10 minute rule bills.

The deadline for indicating the topic of the bill is the 6th of February, with a debate being held on the 21st Feb.

The deadline for suggestions is noon on Friday the 3rd of February.

If you want to make a suggestion go to John's blog at 

10 minute rule bills cannot make spending committments. A list of other rules can be sent on demand

John Leech MP said, “This is a short timetable, but I wanted to give my constituents the chance for me to highlight their concerns in parliament.”

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