Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What did James know,tragedy in Liege,and scientists find the God particle-Wednesday's papers

James Murdock and the elusive email return to the front pages this morning.

Both the Guardian and the Independent lead with the news that his repeated assertions that he was never shown evidence that phone hacking at his company went beyond a "rogue reporter" was dramatically undermined last night.

After says The Independent an internal email that he was sent, suggesting hacking was "rife" at the News Of The World and talking of a "nightmare scenario" of multiple victims, was released by a Commons committee.

According to the Guardian,News International's executive chairman, replied to the revealing email within three minutes of it being sent to him ,but insisted,on the day the email chain was made public by the culture and media committee for the first time – that he had only read the top of the email, not the email chain below.

The row over Europe continues to rumble on.The Times claims that David Cameron is facing a new year ambush over Europe as Conservative MPs plan to force a further Commons vote on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Meanwhile the Guardian says that Chris Huhne, the energy secretary, told Cameron at yesterday's cabinet meeting that he had no authority from the coalition to veto a revision of the Lisbon treaty.

The Telegraph says that concerns are mounting that Britain may have to contribute a further £30bn to eurozone rescue loans through the International Monetary Fund.

The Mail claims that plans to rescue the Euro are in a tailspin as the single currency crashed on international money markets.

Tragic goings on in the Belgium city of Liege are widely reported after six deaths and least 123 people are injured as a convicted drug-dealer goes on rampage in the town's market square.

The Independent describes how the cobblestone streets of Li├Ęge were turned into a bloody battlefield and shoppers dived for cover shortly after noon as a series of explosions and gunfire erupted across the city's main square.

A tragedy closer to home is revealed in the Mirror.Under the headline senseless,the paper reports that friends and relatives were struggling to fathom why Richard Smith butchered his wife Clair, Ben, nine, and 13-month-old Aaron before killing himself in a fire a day later.

The Sun reports on another tragedy a year on as the grieving boyfriend of murdered Jo Yeates has revealed his enduring pain to the paper as he prepares for Christmas without her.

The Telegraph reveals the findings of a group of leading doctors and academics who will report today that alcoholic drinks sold at “pocket-money prices” in supermarkets are costing thousands of lives and must be made more expensive.

In a letter to the paper they urge the Government to take “bold action” and follow the lead of Scotland by bringing in minimum prices for drinks.

Families betrayed over care home funding is the Mail's lead this morning.It reports that it had been hoped a fairer system would be in place by 2015 but it emerged last night that it might take a decade longer.
In a further blow ,adds the paper, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley refused to rule out a pensioner tax to pay for old age care.

The Express reports that roads minister Mike Penning wants to close all 39 regional offices of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency slamming the government for unveiling plans to sack 1,200 civil servants just before Christmas.

Elsewhere the Independent reports on research that children from middle-income families start school with skills five months behind those of their more affluent peers.

The world is rounding on Canada after it pulled out of the Kyoto treaty.The Guardian says that China has called Canada's decision 'preposterous', while Greenpeace says the country is protecting polluters instead of people

Finally most of the papers report that scientists may have found the elusive God particle.

Two detectors at the £6 billion “big bang machine” at CERN,says the Times have independently found signals that point to the existence of a Higgs boson of a particular mass, offering the strongest indication yet that it is real.

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