Tuesday, 13 December 2011

N0TICE announces revenue share scheme

The Guardian led N0tice board which I have been experimenting with for Inside the M60 has announced a revenue sharing scheme.

The model is described as for classified listings or ‘offers’, similar to the traditional yellow pages model.

The scheme on the face of it sounds good with a 85-15 per cent split with the site owner taking the majority.

Here is the full mail about it:

As a noticeboard owner, you can earn revenue by selling featured positions for classified listings or ‘offers’ as we call them, similar to the traditional yellow pages model.

You will earn 85% of the revenue generated on a noticeboard while n0tice retains 15%. There’s also options for using your earnings to support charities.

Posting an offer on a noticeboard is self-serve and free for n0tice participants. Offers can then be upgraded to a Featured placement for £1/day (or the equivalent base-level regional currency). Featured positioning includes both a visual enhancement and priority ranking on the page.

Payments are handled via PayPal which means we can support 25 different currencies around the world.

So, now in addition to already having custom design options, user moderation tools and site analytics, as a noticeboard owner, you will see a new ‘Revenue’ tab in the admin panel which tracks how much is earned.

Noticeboard owners have a pretty robust toolset now for running a community platform. The addition of an ad platform to the service should help make community management a self-sustaining activity for some and hopefully a profitable one for many.

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