Thursday, 1 December 2011

Happy Birthday to Manchester's Social media cafe

SMC_MCR began in 2008 under the guise of Social Media Cafe Manchester after Julian Tait and Martin Bryant met via a blog comment thread.

They shared a desire for a regular event in Manchester that would allow people to gather around the emerging possibilities of social media.

Events over the past three years have seen talks about the future of blogging, the impact of the Apple iPad, hyperlocal news, GMP24 and the role social media played in the recent Manchester riots and #occupy movement. In September 2011 Social Media Cafe Manchester re-launched as SMC_MCR.

Julian Tait said: “SMC_MCR is a community of people doing interesting and cool stuff with social media and digital ideas: this is why it has grown over the last three years. Lots of people are getting involved in organising the next phase of SMC_MCR and this should help it remain engaging and relevant”.

Sarah Hartley commented: “SMC_MCR has always been about the creativity of the people who give their time, interest and enthusiasm so readily to the event. I travel for work much more these days, but wherever I am on that first Tuesday of the month, I'm always following the #smc_mcr hashtag, wishing I was there in person”.

SMC_MCR’s third birthday/Christmas party takes places at Matt & Phreds, Tib Street, Manchester from 6pm.

Free registration can be made HERE

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