Sunday, 4 December 2011

The environment back to the fore,the Queen is forced to cut back,humbug Post Office and the Shameless Dad talks-Sunday papers

A green tinge to the papers this morning.

As the economy slides towards recession the Independent remind us that world's ministers and their mandarins gather in their thousands this weekend in Durban to hammer out a plan for the small matter of saving the planet,few of us appear to have noticed.

Despite apocalyptic warnings about temperatures reaching record levels and carbon emissions rising faster than ever, the delegates at the vast UN climate conference in South Africa this weekend could not be further from reaching a deal – or further from the thoughts of a global population gripped by economic fear

Especially it seems in Britain where the Observer reports that campaigning groups say that the coalition on path to becoming most environmentally destructive government to hold power in the UK.

The attack,in letters to the paper by organisations including the RSPB and the Campaign to Protect Rural England is a significant embarrassment for David Cameron who claimed at the last election that his would be the "greenest government ever".

However the Sunday Times reports that the energy secretary Chris Huhne is proposing to build up to 32,000 new wind turbines with many thousands more transmission pylons as it struggles to meet its green targets.

Whilst the Telegraph reports that a study has found that the government could be left with an £8.5 billion “black hole” if it presses ahead with the High Speed 2 rail link from London to Birmingham.

A decision to postpone by at least a month was announced yesterday after ministers “found” an extra £500 million for a 1.5-mile tunnel under the Chilterns to aluviate environmental fears.

According to the Telegraph,the Prime Minister will tomorrow announce plans to share patient records and other NHS data with private health care companies, including some that use animals in clinical tests.

In a keynote speech to outline far closer “collaboration” between the health service and life science companies,he will give them more freedom to run clinical trials inside hospitals.

The economy is not far away from the headlines.Even the Queen is cutting back says the Sunday Times which says that her majesty is on course for six successive years of funding cuts to the royal household in a radical shake-up of finances.

The Independent reports on a crucial week for the Eurozone starting with tomorrow's meeting between Merkel and Sarkozy who it says are close to agreement on a major step towards fiscal unity for the eurozone

Meanwhile an Ipsos Mori survey for the Observer suggests that Almost two-thirds of people believe the current generation of children will have a lower standard of living than their parents.

According to the Sunday Express, savvy shoppers are shrugging off the economic gloom and traditional British reserve by negotiating lower prices for high street goods after heeding the advice of Which? magazine.

Whilst the Mail on Sunday reports that David Cameron is facing a revolt after ordering Government Ministers to accept a 'pay cut' of £4,000 a year to show that they are sharing the pain of the Coalition's spending cuts.

The Mail on Sunday wins the award for the first Xmas humbug story as it reveals that postmen have been told that their traditional festive tips could be seen as bribery.

Royal Mail bosses have posted guidance on an official website stating that even in the 'season of goodwill,staff should not accept gifts greater than £30 says the paper.

The Sunday People has tracked down Britain's most feckless father.35 year old Jamie Cumming,emerged from his caravan of lurve to speak to The People and brazenly claim that women who sleep with him should take the Pill if they don’t want to fall pregnant and that taxpayers should foot the bill for his wanton ways.

I’m A Celebrity runner-up Mark Wright is set to rake in millions thanks to his life-chang­­­­ing spell in the Australian jungle reports the Sunday Mirror.

Celeb matters from the other side of the pond as many of the papers report that presidential candidate Herman Cain, whose effort to win the White House was rocked by claims of infidelity and sexual harrassment, suspended his campaign yesterday.

Mr Cain says the Telegraph, was by turns defiant and emotional as he announced his decision.
"I am proof that a common man could lead this nation," he said, his lip trembling "I consider myself to be one of you, not one of the political elites."

Finally as the economy goes into meltdown the Sunday Times believes that we should be worrying about things further afield as it reports that scientists have discovered two of the largest black holes ever located, each with a mass about 10 billion times greater than that of the sun

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